Artificial Intelligence and Complex Networks applied to Collective Learning
Create your project. Ask the questions that interest you and take advantage of the others’ solutions.
Participate in a project. Share and select the best ideas to solve a problem together.

Ongoing projects

Projects currently in progress

Start date
End date
Proyecto de Historia
6 usr.
14/02/2024, 22:15
26/12/2024, 23:25
Proyecto de Economía
5 usr.
14/02/2024, 16:35
26/12/2024, 17:45
Proyecto de Matemáticas
18 usr.
30/08/2023, 17:36
31/12/2024, 19:46

How does it work?

What does Collective Learning do?

  • How Collective Learning works and is generated

    All participants can provide ideas, and they will see those of the other participants progressively. Thus, they can learn from the best and worst proposals. The system encourages active participation and collaboration, favouring the creation of global ideas.

  • Projects

    The basic unit of collaboration is a Project. A project raises a problem, an idea, and a series of challenges or questions. The project is developed in different phases, each one with a growing collaborative environment and with different internal dynamics. At the end of the project, the system will contain the unique solution generated by the collaborative process.

  • How to access a project

    There are two types of projects: Public and private. Anyone can participate in the public ones, while for the private ones its creator must authorize you.

  • Project Creation

    Authorized users can create Projects, define their content, characteristics and invite whoever they want or make it public. The project Creator can monitor the behaviour and evolution of the system in real time.

  • Use